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Your mind is still ready to learn a lot more about the world, and you’re feeling eager to hear different points of view. Seeking out conflict is a very healthy thing, so don’t worry about taking a more adversarial or skeptical point of view today. Have fun debating people on issues significant and minor. Everyone knows that words are just words, and no one is going to take things too personally. Soaking up new philosophies is very exciting and can be somewhat dramatic.

Singles Lovescope

Thanks to the stars, you lighten up. In fact, you feel so light that you’re practically flying! This lightness of spirit attracts all the right people into your life. Happy thoughts translate into happy romances.

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Don’t be too surprised if your partner starts to act strangely today. You’re feeling kind of odd yourself, and it’s pretty likely that you’re both a few steps further from your happy place than you realize.


It’s not as if you can go home for the weekend and come back with a radically changed perspective, but it sure feels like it. You have a whole new way of looking at money and how to make it. Enjoy your new point of view.



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