Daily Forecast Taurus 05-13


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Today isn’t such a good day to move forward. Too much is uncertain about your near future, including your energy level. Some non-serious health issue could pop up that puts a wrinkle in your plans. Your schedule is up in the air, so how do you know that you’ll have all the time you need to devote to the new responsibility you’re considering taking on? To play it safe, just tread water for a while. You’ll know when to get going again soon enough.

Singles Lovescope

If you had a dressing room, the door would have a big star on it and fans would be crowding around, hoping for a glimpse of you. Prepare to give out the equivalent of lots of autographs.

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When they ask for your advice, be honest. Your relationship will be stronger for it. Besides, your input is valued and respected.


It’s a good day for trying something completely different. You won’t have any problem coming up with new solutions, either, because you are more creative than usual. Make sure you put it to profitable use.



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