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You can try to teach someone who’s rigid to be more flexible, but don’t get too disheartened if that stubborn friend, family member, or coworker shows little if any sign of ever loosening up! Their failure isn’t your fault. In order to learn to be flexible, people have to be ready to be flexible. They have to be able to see things from other people’s perspective, to walk a mile in their shoes. This person needs empathy to start to relax their uptight attitude.

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Your attention to detail is perfect for work but not so hot on a first date. Overly meticulous behavior at dinner makes you seem more high-maintenance than you really are, so skip interrogating the waiter about ingredients!

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The details are working nicely, but have you taken a look at how they fit into the big picture? Grab your partner and take a look at how the pieces all fit together. A few elements might need adjusting.


Being on the fence isn’t helping you. The increasing intensity of not knowing which way to go is causing as much upheaval as jumping on either side might. Close your eyes and make a blind leap.



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