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Though you’re normally the apex of sociability and grace, right now you rise to even greater heights of social genius with barely any provocation. Indulge your curiosity about different people, places, and things. You’re delighted to discover new interests and a wide-ranging circle of new people who might turn into lifelong connections.

Singles Lovescope

You feel especially loved by friends now. Whether it’s a string of funny emails or a phone call catching you up on the day’s gossip, your pals care about keeping you in the loop.

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Challenges can be exciting, depending on your approach. Your partner will support your decisions, so why not take a few risks? Get ready to jump into the deep end.


When it comes to things like food, you’re the exact opposite of possessive. You love nothing more than heaping other people’s plates. Don’t forget that if you’re the host, food equals money and, last you heard, you were still on a tight budget. Show some restraint.



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