Daily Forecast Taurus 05-24


Taurus Daily Forecast

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Just for now, it’s going to seem like everyone around you is in the mood to be just as sociable and friendly as you try to be every minute of every day. If you have a jealous or even slightly insecure partner in the vicinity when someone attractive, obviously interested, or extremely single starts acting especially friendly, try to tone down your response. Why ruin a perfect evening, and maybe more, for a few minutes of flirting?

Singles Lovescope

You might wish to get something amazing started, but the universe is showing its stubborn side. Getting your romantic momentum moving takes some extra muscle and extra care for the time being.

Couple Lovescope

It’s time to give up the indecision and settle on something. Your best bet is to go with the most active gesture even if you find that your partner hasn’t given you enough to go on.


You want fun, but thoughts of your finances keeps popping up to distract you. You just can’t tune out the bigger picture. It’s a safety mechanism. Be thankful you can’t shrug off impending deadlines, even if you can afford to pay the fines.



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