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Focus anew on your health and wellness today. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but you do need to start thinking about how to get more physically active. You don’t necessary have to join a gym, but you do have to be open to new ideas. Walking is an excellent way to burn a few more calories and help your health, so think of that the next time you’re looking for a parking spot right in front of your destination. Opt for the farthest parking spot. You’ll have your pick, and you’ll get in some more activity.

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Today, doing is way more important than thinking. Your romantic side is begging to be let loose into the world, so let it out! This high energy will be with you for a while, so enjoy it.

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Give-and-take is what it’s all about, especially when it comes to relationships. What can you give that your partner needs right now, and vice versa? That’s what’ll keep you two ticking along smoothly.


Everything you’ve bet on suddenly seems like an illusion. That’s a bit extreme but not exactly untrue. Now that you are seeing things for what they are, tweak both your investments and your plans.



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