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If you’ve been feeling limited or held back from where you want to go lately, you can find the culprit in the mirror. Other people certainly put pressure on you, and the rules you live by aren’t negotiable. But ultimately you’re the only one who is keeping you from doing what you want to do. To get a motivating jolt of self-esteem, call a friend for a fun night out or challenge them to a board game, just to give yourself that winning feeling again.

Singles Lovescope

Revealing too much too soon is not good for your image. When you’re on the dating scene, parse out information according to the situation and the person. Remain a little enigmatic. Keep the mystery going. Your restraint will pay off.

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The two key ingredients to a successful relationship are simple to remember but not easy to act on: kindness and a sense of humor. Remind yourself that everyone can be fallible. Cut your partner (and yourself) some slack.


Yes, there is a right and a wrong. Finishing what you start is right, quitting is wrong. Don’t stop until you see the black and white flag waving before you.



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