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You usually aren’t shy about expressing your feelings. So why has the cat got your tongue? Maybe the nature of what you have to communicate is especially tricky. Or maybe you really care about how your message will be received. If you’re feeling extra sensitive now, take it slowly. Spend a little time reassuring yourself that you’re great, and then tell them whatever it is you have to tell them.

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You’re a survivor, especially when it comes to romance. And you’ve walked away with some essential lessons. Remember them today when a dangerously irresistible stranger walks in.

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Your health is key today, so skip the sugary desserts and empty calories. Get your loved one on the health-nut bandwagon to help keep you focused on your optimum nutrition goals.


Someone is moody and nasty if they don’t get what they want. Don’t let them intimidate you into coughing up the cash. Go ahead, let them call you cheap. You know they’re the ones who are really being selfish.



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