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There is a growing tension between what your heart wants and what your brain knows is good for you, and it might just come to a head today. If there’s someone who makes your heart skip a beat, you could easily lose track of what you need to take care of. Be careful! Try not to let infatuation blind you from the indisputable facts about where you are in life, and where they are. Wanting something doesn’t make it good for you.

Singles Lovescope

Thinking about your financial future is all well and good, but what about the more ineffable stuff? Bank some figurative bucks into your emotional savings account by storing up some loving good karma for later.

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Shoo away past relationship ghosts haunting your memories. Walking down memory lane is fine, just don’t sit down in the middle of the road to mull over every mistake or real love will pass you by.


It’s been a rough road but you’ve learned some beautiful things along the way. Now share them with your fellow travelers. Consider being a tour guide your new career, sans the pay.



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