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You might need to work overtime, but chances are good that you won’t mind. The money will come in handy, and you have a natural inclination to help anyway. Besides, you’re probably in a pretty good mood, so there isn’t much anyone can do to spoil it. Oh, and talk about energy. You seem to be brimming over with it. You might want to save a bit of it for later.

Singles Lovescope

Those misty memories can look awfully good, but then again a lot does in retrospect. Make sure you’re not conveniently forgetting the unpleasant parts of a past romance. Be honest with yourself about what happened.

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Your mystical style of passion is ten times hotter than other people’s flamboyant, flashy displays, especially right now. Dazzle your certain someone with the depth of your devotion.


You have what it takes to resist. If you’re not sure, make your mantra for the day, because you’re tempted by some fancy new gadget that you just can’t afford. Don’t let your drool drop on it or you’ve bought it.



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