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If there’s a power tug-of-war in your life, today is a good time to grab the rope harder, lean in, and give it a good hard pull. Chances are everything will come over to your side with a big splash! You have been underestimating your strength while tolerating other people’s ideas and allowing them to convince you that they have the upper hand. Remind yourself that the only person in charge of where you go, what you do, and who you love is you.

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Put everything into the things you do today. If you give your life your best efforts, you can expect surprising and delightful results. Someone’s watching and they definitely like what they see.

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Encourage your partner to follow your healthy example. It’s amazing what attention to your diet and exercise regimen can do. Once they experience the benefits, they’ll never want to go back to their old ways.


You’ll never get what you want without being structured and disciplined, and that was as true two years ago as it is today. You just weren’t as aware of the necessity then. So don’t waste time crying over what seems like extra or even unnecessary work.



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