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Have you noticed that segments of your social circle seem to be breaking off into smaller units? You can try to figure out why this is happening, but what’s the point? Reshuffling happens all the time, and it’s usually an organic and necessary process. If you get caught up in who’s spending more time with whom, you’re only going to drive yourself crazy. Just be happy that so-and-so is getting to know so-and-so better and leave it alone.

Singles Lovescope

Whatever you do, don’t hand out ultimatums to romantic prospects right now. They’ll only lead to unproductive showdowns. Ride out this current cosmic unrest and let calmer circumstances prevail.

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It’s time to settle old debts or simply forgive what is owed you. When it comes to dealing with your partner, it might be better to let it go and figure it will all even out in the end.


Now that things are slower, so you have the time to do more calculating. That can be every bit as satisfying as making money hand-over-fist. Well, almost as satisfying. Enjoy.



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