Daily Forecast Taurus 12-05


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You’ve been running around a lot lately, but are you getting anything done? Starting a lot of projects is all well and good, but if you’re leaving them to be finished by someone else, then you can’t have much ownership in their success, can you? It’s time to see things through. Whether that means completing a DIY home remodeling project or finally finishing an epic novel, you need to stick with something from the start to the bitter end.

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You could attract some flighty people today. Even though you appreciate spontaneous free-spirited types, right now you really need someone who can make a decision and stick by it.

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Craving a little culture? Stream some foreign films with your partner. If you’re really inspired, get some geographically-appropriate takeout to enjoy with your movies. Who knows? You might also plan a trip!


You stay warm and sincere most of the year by acting absolutely devilish every now and then. Your chance is coming up soon enough. You’re practicing a bit, though, and anyone who crosses your path had better prepare to feel some goose bumps.



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