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Your ability to see through false facades is strong today. And when a braggart comes along, you won’t fall for their act. They deserve an award for their showing-off skills, and they’re pretty stellar at talking up how great they are. But when you scratch the surface, there isn’t much substance there. Surprise, surprise! Other people in your circle will probably wise up soon enough. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy watching them fall for this blowhard hook, line, and sinker.

Singles Lovescope

What’s wrong with sticking to routines, anyway? Nothing, if they work for you. Your plans quickly become part of your life today. A regular night at a local coffeehouse can turn into a casual dating scene.

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Sweetie might totally misunderstand you today, even though you’re being as clear as you can be. It’s just one of those days when people are easy to misread, but things will get better soon.


You need a shot of fun. Friends and laughter are a good combination, if a typical one. A more unusual combination holds just as many delights for you today. It can’t be bought or planned for, but you’ll recognize it when you feel it.



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