Daily Forecast Taurus 12-14


Taurus Daily Forecast

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Your inspiring energy, zippy approach to life, and ability to spontaneously take on almost everything and everyone make you irresistible today. Everyone around you wants to know how you get so much out of life, and they should want to rub shoulders to get a taste of your amazingly positive attitude. Since you’re feeling frisky and maybe somewhat flirtatious, your mojo is making life even better for you!

Singles Lovescope

Maybe you should write this person a love poem. Or make them a card out of construction paper like kids do in elementary school. How cute would that be?

Couple Lovescope

It’s time to spread your charm where it’s needed — and hot spot number one is wherever your darling goes. Independent signs like you need lots of room to move. The more you get out there, the freer you’ll feel.


Your finances haven’t progressed in the ways you wanted recently, but there’s always next things to try and try again. For now, focus on having fun and heaving a huge sigh of relief.



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