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Do you have a friend or co-worker who’s been making bad decisions that could be hurting their future? Step in and do what you can to help them figure things out. It might sound like a harsh tactic, but you should paint a picture of the worst-case scenario for them. It will help them see that where they’re headed might not be a good place to go. Sometimes scare tactics are the best way to help people avoid failure and regret.

Singles Lovescope

Active and “creative” are your keywords for today, especially when it comes to love. Staying in one spot won’t give all that energy coursing through you the proper place to go. Get up, get out, and most of all, get moving.

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You need to focus all of your attention on your partner’s needs right now. Yours will get their chance soon enough. If you can take care of them selflessly, things will start to pick up in a big way.


You and money are both marionettes whose strings are being pulled by a far off puppeteer. Mars would not be too distant a planet to imagine. With decisions being made from that far away, the trickle down effect takes quite a while. Be patient.



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