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Because your social energy has been getting more unpredictable lately, your domestic bliss might be challenged. The people you live with aren’t trying to annoy you, but inevitably they’re starting to now. The best plan is to get your distance from them so you can control just how much interaction you have. This makes it a wonderful day to curl up by yourself with an absorbing book, or go for a long walk by yourself. Use this introspective energy to accomplish new thinking.

Singles Lovescope

What’s that you hear? Why, those are bells ringing, but definitely not wedding bells. They’re more like alarm bells. All the chemistry between you two had you fooled at first, but now you know better. Get out now!

Couple Lovescope

It’s tempting to fix your sweetheart’s life, but are you sure you aren’t taking on this project just to distract yourself from what’s not working in yours? That’s a dangerous habit to fall into, so be careful.


You’re more interested in your intellect than in your wallet. If you could be lost in thought all day without a single reminder of money, you’d be perfectly happy. Let yourself let go of your financial concerns and drift off.



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