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Try to combine your altruistic impulses with your amazing ability to host people by throwing a party or dinner for charity. You’re the best at organizing gatherings, no matter what constraints you have to deal with, and you’re totally involved with your community. Do a little research and find a cause that could make good use of your talents, then recruit as many friends as you can find to make it happen.

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After that amazing date, you’re all atwitter! It’s an exciting time, so enjoy every minute of it! The people around you notice your new happiness and think it looks darn good on you.

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A big date might sound exhausting. How about appreciating the little things, like your partner’s smile, a home-cooked meal, a bottle of your favorite beverage, and cozying up in bed early?


Balancing your checkbook is your idea of a good time, especially today. Your feelings are only boosted by the numbers you end up with. It goes without saying they’re good. Don’t be too expressive about how thrilled you are, though. Those kinds of feelings about money are best kept under wraps.



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