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Why spend all of your energy making other people happy? Today you have to switch your focus and start working harder at making yourself happy! Do at least one nice thing for yourself today. Cancel an appointment you’ve been dreading. Get your favorite take-out for dinner. Doing something for yourself every once in a while is not only a good idea, it’s also a smart idea. After all, you need to treat yourself well if you expect others to.

Singles Lovescope

Feeling frumpy? Maybe it’s time to hit the gym. It’s easier to get a workout routine going if you have a gym buddy, so recruit friends, coworkers, or a certain crush to join you.

Couple Lovescope

Who’s the boss in your relationship? An equal partnership is ideal, but lately your partner is becoming less of a lover and more of an authority figure. Time for a heart-to-heart chat.


You love controlling the purse strings on a normal day, but this isn’t a normal day. You wish someone else was taking care of the finances for a change. Don’t let the wish turn into a reality, though, or you’ll be losing more than control of the spending.



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