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If you’re still shopping for a soul mate, try to relax. Over the next few days, you should have quite a few opportunities to meet the right person, and you won’t have to look far to find them! Dress the part no matter where you’re going, even the grocery store or subway. Your only real assignment is to pay attention to anyone interesting, because you never know where love will strike.

Singles Lovescope

No one says you have to wait three days before calling, but there is a strong possibility that you’re not in too big a hurry when it comes to love right now. Think over what you want to say and take your own sweet time.

Couple Lovescope

You need some quiet time alone with your partner, and you should make sure they can give it to you. A few minutes might be all it takes for you to feel that things are where they should be.


The profits you reap today have less to do with money than truth, although the money is certainly there. You’ll see its limitations in the glaring light of day or realize once and for all who values you for your financial status alone. The enlightened you is the real dividend.



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