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Today, your loved ones absolutely won’t know what to do with you, or what to do about you, or what to do with the repercussions of what you’ve done. Your mouth is running full tilt, as are your emotions. This just isn’t like you, they’ll all say, but you know what? It might be time that it is. You’ve been taking a lot of nonsense from a lot of people for far too long. Let ’em have it.

Singles Lovescope

The key to a happy life is figuring out how to balance your career and social life. Experiment with different ways of finding equilibrium between working and wooing. Compromise when necessary.

Couple Lovescope

Today, you might just want to hang out all by your lonesome. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about your partner. If they complain, explain to them how you feel.


Your thoughts are on all things foreign, and not just currency. The travel bug has bitten you where it hurts. Stick with what’s realistic, though. A dinner in a foreign restaurant is all you can afford.



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