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Is there anything that you can’t accomplish? Take a look at your to-do list and prepare yourself to get everything crossed off quickly. And then you can start helping your friends get all of their dirty work done. Why would you want to do that? So that when you all go out, none of you will have anything in the back of your mind preventing you from having complete and total fun. Enjoy!

Singles Lovescope

Engage your natural optimism to help you notice romantic possibilities today. A bright outlook is also much hotter than the sexiest outfit could ever be, and your energy provides an extra glow.

Couple Lovescope

Trouble with your coworkers is getting you down. If you can’t change your work situation, change how you deal with it. Leave your work issues at work, and make your home life just about you and your partner.


What you’re worth and what you deserve are two different things. You deserve some fun — but only as long as it’s cheap or free. Now that that’s settled, start trying to understand some other logical connections.



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