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Despite a fairly calm and quiet beginning, today could end up being a massive turning point for you. It all depends on who you’re around today. Romantic prospects or a current partner could influence your receptiveness, so try to keep all correspondence highbrow and upbeat. The less distracted you are, the more likely you’ll be able to recognize an unusual invitation or proposal. A door is opening, so get ready to stick your foot in it to keep it from slamming shut again.

Singles Lovescope

You could be lost in daydreams, thinking about someplace else you’d rather be. Why not try thinking about how can make the place you’re in better? Now’s a perfect time for new ideas in your dating life.

Couple Lovescope

It’s a good time to work on projects together. You’ve got so much energy that you’ll easily be able to keep the two of you happily engaged. It can only bring you closer together.


It’s more important than ever to stay organized. You can still socialize. In fact, you can spend just as much time with people as ever, as long as you keep track of your spending while you’re with them.



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