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Life is good, but it’s getting better! That’s your belief, or it should be, and it’s an affirmation to help you make best come to pass in your life. Whether you wear it on a T-shirt, meditate on it, or just believe in it profoundly, it feels mighty real right now. You should see new evidence of just how right you are. Prepare for the best. After all, you’re due!

Singles Lovescope

You can’t get by with witty monologues. One of your most underrated social skills is simply listening. When you’re engaged — eye contact, the right answers, etc.– you’re at your most charming, especially right now.

Couple Lovescope

Add a spark to the usual relationship routine by going on a moonlit walk or taking a cooking class together. New experiences make couple time extra special, so do something unexpected.


Money certainly doesn’t hurt popularity, it’s true, but not having any shouldn’t kill your social life, either. And if it does, well, go the old fashioned route. Convince yourself they weren’t worth having as friends anyway.



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