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That so-called friend who seems to have it in for you lately and seems to be playing both sides of a certain issue is well worth watching out for more closely. Their reasons for their weird behavior may be a lot less (or a lot more) devious than you’d imagined, but either way, don’t let them think they’re getting away with it for any longer than you must.

Singles Lovescope

Let your fun-loving side lead you and anyone lucky enough to be by your side to where the party is. Love (or a close facsimile thereof) will only be found when dullness is banished.

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Your sweetie will be impressed when you solve a complicated problem in a creative way. Don’t be surprised if they start coming to you for help when they get stuck on something.


You have enough energy to carry your partner. A cold and clinical intellectual might convince you not to, but you know the value of things like loyalty. As long as you’re not becoming overwhelmed, go with your more noble emotions.



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