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Some interruptions might throw you off your game for a while, but it won’t for long. You shouldn’t get frustrated. Just fix them and get on with it. You know how to take the initiative and put things back on track so expertly that you’re likely to get a few glowing compliments from the people who’ve been watching you in action. Go ahead and let this go right to your head. You could use a little ego boost right now, and you deserve to feel proud of yourself.

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Bashful? Not you. Not today. You have no problem meeting people. You get to the party first and don’t leave until you’ve made a connection with everyone there.

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Don’t attempt to analyze your relationship until you’ve taken a good look at yourself. Once you’ve made sense of your own crazy reality, the pieces of your crazy love life might start to fall into place.


You have a deep enough understanding of right and wrong to resist temptation, even when money is involved. If you need a refresher course, talk to someone who is enlightened. Don’t let the greed of others drag you down where you ultimately don’t want to be.



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