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Be extravagant and bold today. Now is not the time to hide your light under a bushel! Get back in touch with your more outgoing nature and stop worrying about what people might think of you. Who cares what others think anyway? You need to feel good about yourself, and the best way to make that happen is to speak up and make that joke that’s on the tip of your tongue. So what if it annoys someone? As long as you’re not insulting anyone, you’re free to spout off.

Singles Lovescope

It’s a great time to get your life in order and check tasks off your various lists. What’s on the romance list? See about making plans and checking out a few new prospects.

Couple Lovescope

Change of the very, very positive variety is a possibility all across the board at the moment, and should you choose to turn your energy to your relationship, well, the future is now.


You never lost sight of the future. All that planning ahead now seems like a waste, but it will arrive even if it’s in a different state than the one you imagined. You may not be able to find the buried nuts, but you’ve planted a few trees instead.



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