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Old dogs can in fact be taught new tricks, which you could see for yourself today when someone proves to you just how much they’ve changed! It could be that a penny-pinching friend has finally splurged on a luxury treat. Or a shy co-worker announced that they’ve just posted a video of them singing online. Whatever it is, it’s going to radically change your opinion of this person and inspire you to move outside your own comfort zone a little bit, just to see what happens.

Singles Lovescope

Stuck in a rut when it comes to finding ways to meet new people? Brainstorm with friends to think of different places you could go to try your luck. Your buddies might come up with the perfect plan for discovering your next big crush.

Couple Lovescope

Your mind is on your money, and you may be paying special attention to any joint accounts or financial endeavors you’re embarking on together. Make sure you’re each pulling your own weight.


You can’t take advantage of random opportunities if you’re not out there to even notice them. From good business deals to good buys, you’re missing out if you don’t participate. You’re placing too much importance on keeping your nose to the grindstone.



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