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How are your finances doing? Take another look at your bank account today, because there could be an accounting error or forgotten payment waiting for you. Little details have been falling through the cracks lately, and while you certainly think you know why, the reasons don’t matter any more. To get back on the ball, pay more attention to your health. Book yourself at least eight hours of sleep, and skip the caffeine for a while.

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A relationship you thought was a sure thing could be stuck in limbo. Don’t get discouraged. It may just need a little time. Bring your focus back to you and what you need. The other person will come around when they’re ready.

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Tension seems to be your middle name these days. If it’s not workplace politics upsetting you, it’s relationship letdowns. Get a better grip on your feelings by learning stress-management techniques. Try yoga or meditation.


It feels like happy, jovial days are gone for good, even if you know they’re not. But until the situation is perfect to get them back, start focusing on generating them for yourself. It goes without saying it doesn’t take money.



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