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The time is right for you to open up your home. Host a few friends. Invite a few family members over for dinner. You’ll all have a blast relaxing together over some good food. And before you worry that you’ll fail to impress people with gourmet goodies, remind yourself that these people don’t love you for your cooking abilities, they love you for you! Order takeout or make it a potluck extravaganza if you need to take the pressure off yourself. Just get everyone together

Singles Lovescope

Ask your friends for advice on a touchy subject today. Even though it pains you to ask for help, their fresh perspective could be exactly what you need to make a better decision.

Couple Lovescope

Just because you’re already a couple doesn’t mean you can’t act like a pair of lovebirds. A knowing wink or coquettish giggle remind you two of those initial butterflies you felt at your first meeting.


You love nothing more than puttering around dealing with the mundane and there’s just not enough time in your life to get your fill of it. You get at least one day’s worth, though, so enjoy it while you can. It’s the kind of activity that brings you some money in a roundabout way, so don’t waste a minute of it feeling unproductive or guilty.



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