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A burst of mental energy gives you a renewed sense of purpose, not to mention more zest than you’ve felt in quite a while! In fact, your energy level should give you plenty to smile about. Your good nature is so lovely and compelling that it just might prove contagious. You should see firsthand how kindness leads to kindness when one of your good deeds inspires someone new to reciprocate.

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Look alive! Some major developments are coming! Maybe that crush finally figures out what they’ve been missing. Expect quite a few major changes, so sit back and watch things unfold for now.

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Are you really surprised that some people (yes, including your partner) find you intimidating on occasion? There’s no need to hide your light, however. Just be extra gracious and gentle with quieter types.


Being overly sensitive can serve a useful purpose. Unfortunately, whenever money is concerned, it’s out of place. Listening to the criticisms of others is vital to making money, and recoiling at anything but positive feedback could seriously cost you. Put on your toughest armor before leaving home this morning.


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