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Whatever happens around you today will feel like a drama that you simply can’t control. You’re right. You can’t control this. But being powerless in a situation doesn’t have to make you feel hopeless about that situation. Sometimes, it’s a liberating feeling to know you can’t do much to change it. Going with the flow is pleasing to you anyway right now, so just do what feels good! Trying to make the day into exactly what you want will only be a mammoth waste of your time.

Singles Lovescope

Get online or find some other way to reach out early in the day. Your romantic luck is good, so strike while you can! Later, your energy is much quieter, so just relax.

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Being extra affectionate toward your partner today can put them in the mood for romance. Once you get things started, they’ll pick up where you leave off and take it to a whole new level.


Cutting corners isn’t as bad as all that, especially if the only things that have had to go so far are matters of status or vanity. The real pain is in having to edit grocery lists, so don’t let superficial changes rub you the wrong way.


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