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Your ability to think innovatively and come up with good solutions is more important than following directions at the moment, though while the person giving the directions is around, you might want to fake it. As your project evolves, however, your knack for being original will get you lots of positive attention, and others will be mighty receptive to your next big idea, and the bigger, the better.

Singles Lovescope

The hit-and-miss dating game isn’t for you, and neither is the bar scene. What you’re looking for is less quantity and more quality. So follow your passion. If you’re into art, take an art class or visit museums. You’ll meet others who share your values and interests.

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An idea will come to you today that’s so exciting you won’t be able to wait to share it with your partner. Your enthusiasm will be enough to convince them to join you in your latest plan.


The next few days will go by quicker than you think — or slower than molasses. You have to be ready to go with the flow. Remember, you have a lot to accomplish no matter what the passage of time feels like, so stay focused.


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