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You are right on schedule in your life, so don’t worry that you’re lagging behind or zooming too far ahead. Just because you’re not exactly in sync with others doesn’t mean that you aren’t where you need to be. Concern yourself less with what other people are doing and more with what you are doing! Enjoy the power you have over your life and show the universe you appreciate it by using it. You mood will stay strong and positive today.

Singles Lovescope

Flirting is big fun right now, and you’re great at it! Be careful about mixed signals, though. Are you really interested? If you’re just friendly, be clear. That way it’s fairer for all involved.

Couple Lovescope

You are feeling pretty low-key right now. Your mood might cause you to fight with your partner over something trivial. Try to hold back until you see the real issue.


Be careful who you tell your problems to. Your friends may be compassionate, but they won’t necessarily front you any money. For that you’ll need to win over someone in a different kind of relationship.


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