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If you feel that it’s vital to make the right impression today, get in touch with your creativity and use it to your advantage. How? You’ll make yourself stand apart from the crowd if you put an unexpected (and charming) twist on your actions and words. Put some of your creative writing skills to work on the e-mails you send to an authority figure and they’ll look forward to receiving them every time. Your ideas will rise to the top of the pile.

Singles Lovescope

That laundry that has been neglected for so long, coupled with the state of madness in your kitchen and closet, needs extra time and attention now. You should be more grounded and ready for action!

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Today is perfect for sharing lighthearted good times with your loved one. Indulge in something a bit silly, like blowing bubbles in the park. Don’t worry about getting stares. Your happiness is infectious!


When you say, ‘You learn something new every day’ it’s usually a rather off-hand comment. But the fact is, you actually do learn something new every day. Today you learn something that proves to be rather profitable if you put it to good use. The very first step toward doing just that is recognizing the lesson when you stumble across it.


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