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Working on advancing your career can be a lot more fun than you think. Making social connections can often lead to making business connections, although you do need to keep a stern eye on where to draw the line. There could be an invitation coming you way, and your first urge might be to take a rain check. Do what you can participate. You never know who might also be there.

Singles Lovescope

Is it hot in here or is it you? If the cuties are wearing glasses, you’re sure to steam them up! You’re loving that sexy librarian look because you’re all about both beauty and brains now.

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Gather information and work on a game plan before presenting your findings to your partner. The more solid your footwork, the more likely you are to convince them that this opportunity is a can’t-miss.


You need to branch out, but delicately. Do a little exploring without letting on that you’re doing a thing. Keep your antennae up if you want to gather some information about promising new territory.


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