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Beware of someone who is using underhanded tactics to get what they want. This person and you are both negotiating with someone is quite likely to fall for an easy come-on over logical ideas. This certainly doesn’t mean that you should stoop to the level of your competition. However, it might mean that you should rethink how important this particular victory is to you. If the judge is so easily swayed, what does their approval mean?

Singles Lovescope

Now is the time to begin planning your next getaway. Should you pick the city nightlife or a relaxing resort? Whichever mood you choose, when you feel zero pressure, the flirting comes naturally!

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You’re just not as into the romantic chase now as you usually are. It’s times like these that you can really appreciate having a steady partner you can just kick back and hang out with.


People, invitations, animals — everyone and everything but money, it seems, is drawn to you today. You can still do something worthwhile with it all, even if you’d much prefer the cash.


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