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It’s all about secrets and deciding whether or not to let them out of the bag. Your mission is to be sure you’re sure before you even think about opening your mouth. And speaking of your mouth, be warned that the stars are feeling both chatty and intense, so keeping those secrets could be more of a challenge than ever. That goes double for family secrets.

Singles Lovescope

Your energy is making you especially sparkly right now, and it’s far better than any bling. Get out and impress the world with a twinkle in your eye and your amazing wit!

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You flirt, you! All the world loves you now, and winking at the bus driver or chatting up someone in line gives you a glow that you take back to your relationship guilt-free.


You have an intellectual connection with someone but you usually don’t enjoy their company. All that changes today. A surprising gesture like a simple gift suddenly helps you understand them as never before. The price of the gifts isn’t what causes the revelation.


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