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New beginnings happen every day, usually without you noticing them. If you’re wishing your life were different, take a moment to realize that it actually is! Focusing all the time on what you wish could be better is too negative and narrow-minded. You should try a little harder to take note of the progress you have made and pat yourself of the back for the good things you have accomplished. Sure, you may have a little farther to go, but who doesn’t?

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Helping a friend isn’t always fun, but today it’s a necessity. Just get it over with. And think about how you’re investing in that karmic bank. When you’re done, get ready for a surprise.

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Some things you say are only true in the heat of the moment. It’s not worth it to deny or to try to backpedal. Say you’re sorry. Explain that you said those things without thinking. Forgive each other and move on.


You and your account balance are both getting your signals from another planet, or so it seems to others. They just can’t understand how you can be as successful as you are without getting inside tips from the mother ship. Keeping them in the dark about your processes is fine.


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