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You’ve decided to give yourself exactly what you need, which might be a change of scenery and some new people and experiences to enjoy. Still, you’re duty bound to make sure everything at home will run without a hitch in your absence. Before you board that plane or hop in your car, be sure the person you trust most is in charge of everything. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself or concentrate on the task at hand if you don’t.

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Perseverance. It’s not just for your professional life anymore. Nope, it’s the hottest new thing in dating too. So if you like somebody and you can’t quite get a read on them, keep trying.

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Romance is going to sizzle today. You won’t have to do anything special if you don’t want to. Your raw energy will feel like a well-stoked fire!


You took a sentimental trip down memory lane and now you’re stuck there. Your happy memories are clouded by darker realizations. Shake the feeling or risk the past repeating itself.


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