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Get ready for action, because you have enthusiasm to spare and enough drive to get cracking on all your projects. Still, even if you’re with others who only want to play, you can put this energy to good use. Why not make a party of tackling the yard work or starting on the room you’ve been dying to redo? There’s no time like the present to put your plans in gear.

Singles Lovescope

With so many interesting people in your life, you could find yourself trying to juggle them all at once. Don’t forget to take some personal time too! Strike a balance between a busy social life and your private life.

Couple Lovescope

The clouds part and the sun shines through. Finally, the two of you get some light on a small but pervasive issue. And thank goodness! You’ve both been looking for a way to address this once and for all.


Fixed ideas don’t generally work, but with your budget, there’s just no room for compromise. Don’t go one penny into the red, even if that takes an extraordinary effort.



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