Daily Forecast Aries 04-05


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Your synapses are crackling, and the sharing of information and ideas is flowing in an almost unprecedented way. It’s as if the cosmos is coordinating it all in exactly the way that suits you. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss lots of new things. Anything that occurs to you is fair game. And communicate on a level that’s distinctly deeper than usual. You’ll find an audience in an unexpected place.

Singles Lovescope

Feeling frazzled by the crazy pace of your life? Try checking out yoga. Your body and mind will benefit from this healthy practice. If you meet someone who looks good in workout gear, that’s an added bonus!

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner could really connect tonight. You’ll be on the same wavelength and enjoying each other. You’ll be finishing each other’s sentences, too, but why not skip the talking?


Make sure your friends are really as warm and fuzzy as you think they are. One is a shark in a teddy bear outfit. If their behavior changes at the smell of money, you’ll know the one to avoid.



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