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Someone’s broken promises have been getting on your nerves, and today they might tip you over the edge. It’s fine for you to express your frustration with this person. In fact, it’s healthy, but just be careful not to burn any bridges. Just let them know that your time is too valuable for them to waste with flaky behavior. You’re taking them seriously, and they need to take you seriously too. Relationships require tricky conversations every now and again. This will be one of those times.

Singles Lovescope

Everyone else may be ready to go, go, go, but you might feel more like go-go-going home to relax alone. Why force it? The stars say that tomorrow’s a better day.

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You’re super attracted to your partner now, and the feeling is mutual. The two of you can’t keep your hands off each other! Enjoy this feeling. You have a connection that just keeps getting stronger.


You’re too professional to be thrown off by the busybodies. So you’ll be more grounded than a wolf in sheep’s clothing imagines. Use that quality to cover all the details, especially concerning expenses.



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