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Your best allies at the moment are those who think the same way you do: nimble-minded individuals who are curious, clever, and inventive. Put a couple of you together, and there’s very little you can’t do. What seemed like a fairly big issue is suddenly entirely surmountable with the plan you hatch, and you’ll even have fun carrying it out. Meanwhile, you’re spreading the goodwill and sharing the love. Good for you.

Singles Lovescope

You’re better off with a plan. Map out your schedule for the next few days and stick to it. You’ll need it when you’re faced with all kinds of other invitations. Just say you have other plans.

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Be careful taking risks today, especially if your partner is involved too. You may be better off sticking with a sure thing and saving the games of chance for a later date.


You’re not the only one with a certain financial problem, although that’s how it feels to you. Letting it isolate you is like paying even more than the penalties you’re paying in cash. Start sharing with your friends. They’ll be compassionate, and for reasons that may surprise you.



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