Daily Forecast Aquarius 04-22


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Your personal energy is starting to place new demands on you, but it’s not like it’s something you want to avoid all that much: You need to start laughing more. Things might be a bit complicated, but that doesn’t mean they’re heavy or gloomy. Your powerful intellect came with a sense of humor, so figure out what you need to do to activate it today!

Singles Lovescope

Respect your inclination to take things slowly these days. If you need five more messages before you’re ready to meet your online interest or another three dates before you hold hands with your crush, then take them!

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You feel like you should know all the answers to this relationship, but that’s simply an illusion, and one that you need to get rid of pronto. Rushing your mental and emotional processes won’t help, so slow down.


You’ve been feeling like your whole life is out of character. Now that the world seems to be righting itself, how are you going to hang onto what you’ve learned? The old you is the last thing you should aspire to be.



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