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Once you make up your mind about a person, it’s tough for you to change it, especially if a long-term dispute is coloring your opinion. For now, it might be best for you to let it all go, no matter what it was all about, and try to let the past truly become the past. Of course, everything depends on whether the issue is forgivable. If so, give it a try — but if not, you may as well be as civil as possible.

Singles Lovescope

Expect a good response to your online flirtation today. If you want to make solid plans, you should soon find that your week is completely booked!

Couple Lovescope

Doing it all and doing it well is your personal goal, but it’s not always a very realistic one. Right now, however, you’re a powerhouse in work, play, your relationship, or all of the above.


Something about taking care of only yourself puts you off. Others can be selfish, but you prefer to spread the wealth. Make sure you don’t give the shirt off your back, though, because others won’t hesitate to take it.



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