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Family problems are fading now as the people you’re related to are realizing you are your own person. This elevated level of respect is starting to gain momentum, and it’s seeping into other areas of your life. Expect even your most judgmental friend to take a live-and-let-live attitude about what you choose to do in life. This is a new period of harmony, so enjoy it. It doesn’t come around as often as you’d like it to.

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Don’t get too upset when something you couldn’t have seen coming screws up your schedule or tonight’s plans — you need to investigate. Love works in mysterious ways, and it could all be for the best!

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The stars say you can earn an A when it comes to playing well with your significant other now. Maybe it’s that you’re communicating well, finding the humor, and enjoying sharing all sorts of things.


Why set pragmatic goals? They only guarantee less than stellar results. Tell yourself that the sky is the limit and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. It’s the first step you can take toward making it so.



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