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You’d rather keep your mouth shut and play the fool than open it and remove all doubt. That’s why you’ve never been much for emotional chitchat, revealing secrets or confiding business matters to anyone not qualified to hear them. It’s time to reveal something now, though, so while the next 24 hours may not be surprising to you, expect that your actions could still shock, amaze, and astound a loved one. Prep them before you start to speak. It’s only fair.

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That jerk is ruining your gig. You’re dying to talk to that office cutie, but they’re hogging the territory. Use your guile to lure them away from the target. Once you’ve derailed their efforts, move in.

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Today marks the beginning of a period of transition for you. Expect some dramatic changes to come your way. Your relationship might experience some growing pains, but you’ll come out stronger than you were before.


It’s not pompous or arrogant to see the world as being in a power struggle between good and evil. Things had gotten too bloated for anyone’s good, especially the over-indulgers. Be sure you know which side you’re on.



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