Daily Forecast Aquarius 04-26


Aquarius Daily Forecast

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You’ve been very good up to this point, so don’t be surprised if Santa makes a special summertime trip, just to visit you. That’s not an easy feat to pull off, of course — being that good — but recently, you’ve been undeniably loyal, faithful, hardworking and cheerful. All that’s left for you now is to smile and thank the powers that be for noticing.

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Make a serious effort to listen when you’re talking to new people today, because your mind could be far away. Make eye contact and ask offbeat questions to keep you focused. The answers might shock you!

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You definitely want to make plans, but you definitely don’t want to be too rigid about it. In other words, a few plans are definitely helpful, but too much rigidity is a definite no-no.


Everything around you has slowed down but you’ve continued going full speed ahead. You’re about to leave the atmosphere. No need to make yourself slow down, though. Haven’t you always told yourself the sky’s the limit?



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