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It’s one of those days when you can turn your brain down to a low simmer and let yourself focus more on simple things. Your intellectualizing is done for a little while, so it’s time to kick back and let your gray matter relax. Your brain deserves a bit of a vacation, so do the mindless things you like to do with extra gusto today. Watch TV, go for a meandering walk, or flip through some celebrity websites. There’s no harm in being a simpleton just for a day.

Singles Lovescope

Your head has been in the clouds lately, but right now it’s heading back down to earth, and you’re thinking up all sorts of positive romantic possibilities!

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Your loved one has something on their mind and would like to talk it over with you. You don’t have to solve their problem; just listen and be supportive. Just being there for them will help.


You know just what to do to stay calm. Looking at your bank statements is more effective than breathing into a paper bag. You can slay your dragons once you restore your sense of ease. For now, do whatever it takes to calm down and stay calm.



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